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Technical Expertise

Your software idea created the right way! 

Coding Station

We build custom software

A refreshingly capable, well managed team who can deliver all aspects of your software idea. Our technical expertise merges with you and your team to make the technical aspect of your idea easy.

Welcome, I'm Marv, the owner and CEO of Kapex Technology. Our development team started out many years ago within a different company, assembled and tasked to rescue a software project gone bad. Our team completed that project and earned the owners trust to develop additional products they envisioned and desired to take to market.

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Our Services

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We work closely with you from discovery to final product, managing and building quality software that looks and works as you imagined it. Together, we build a trusted relationship that honestly assesses design and functionality throughout the process. 

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Product Support

Our services don’t end after building your solution, we offer customized support plans to help you manage the product, make minor enhancements, and fix any issues that arise. We also manage deployments and track success.

Technical Consulting

Project & Portfolio Mgt
Project Rescue
Product Roadmaps
Technology Roadmaps
Fractional CTO

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Our Experience


  • Replacing old software solutions using modern technology and improved UI/UX

  • Creating new mobile and web SaaS solutions our clients take to market

  • Smartly introducing AI *

    • Generative AI chat bots ​​

    • Computer Vision using pre-built models

  • Being a technology partner


  • Digital Healthcare

  • Investment Management

  • Insurance Claims Management

  • Human Resources

  • Animal AgTech

  • Fitness

Primary Technologies

  • React / React Native

  • NodeJS / .NET / GraphQL

  • SQL / No SQL

  • Azure & AWS Cloud Infrastructure

  • OpenAI / Python *


  • Mobile (iOS & Android)

  • Web applications

  • Complete Custom SaaS solutions

  • ERP's

    • NetSuite​ *

    • Microsoft Dynamics *

    • Zoho One *

* strategic partner


Why Choose Us

You might be thinking:

"I have an IT team that needs to buy-in."

We have been in your shoes, having more work than our team can take on themselves and needing technical expertise that couldn’t be hired quickly. We hired contractors and learned how to manage projects with a mix of external and internal team members. Now being a consulting agency ourselves, we understand the role we’re in and how to apply our knowledge and experience to help your team be successful. We will share our best practices and you can expect our team members to have the mindset that they are part of your team and will follow your IT, project and security processes.

"I will lose control of my Intellectual Property (IP) and business advantages."

As you can imagine, our business model requires that our customers are satisfied with our work and willing to continue a partnership and recommend Kapex to other businesses. Taking your IP would simply be unethical and kill our business.  From a legal perspective, Kapex Technology and our strategic partner are US based companies and sign contractual agreements that protect your IP.

"These guys must be expensive."

While many other agencies use a flat hourly rate as the basis of their cost, we use a blended rate based on the composition and location of the assigned team. Kapex employs local, US based team members and have a strategic offshore partner with 650+ resources which allows us to scale to meet your needs at a competitive price. 


"Kapex Technology recently assisted us in replacing our outdated application. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication have brought forth a modern and efficient application that has improved our daily operations. We are grateful for their exceptional service and without a doubt, I recommend Kapex Technology to anyone seeking reliable software solutions." 

- Stephen Cilley, Owner, Touchstone Claims

"Their team's creativity and ability to solve problems with technology is outstanding.  I trust them to give honest advice and do what they say."


- Ed Castledine, Market President SelectHealth Idaho

"The Kapex team was a pleasure to work with on our project. They were very professional, instrumental, affordable, and were quick to understand what was wanted and needed by our team. They added great insight to the project and helped it become even better than we had hoped for. I would definitely recommend this team."


- Trenton Jenks, Owner/Pharmacist - The Prescription Pad

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