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Who We Are

Our development team started out several years ago in Boise, Idaho, within a different company, assembled and tasked to rescue a software project gone bad. Our team completed that project and earned the owners trust to develop additional products they envisioned and desired to take to market.


As new product ideas were funded, multiple outsourcing agencies were used to scale our team in a responsible cost approach. As we grew, we learned how to integrate offshore contractors into our processes efficiently and effectively. Each agency had strengths and weaknesses and eventually we chose one as our strategic outsourcing partner.  Doing so, we built a relationship that enables us to understand their capabilities more intimately and grow our team quickly when needed. 


When the company we were a part of changed their business model, our team pivoted into Kapex Technology.  We still work with the prior owners but now our door is open to bring our scalable team to others who are looking to create new products or optimize existing software.  


Kapex's young team of software engineers know technology, work exceptionally well together, and know how to deliver quality software solutions utilizing the right resourcing mix to maximize your value.  We are best at offering insight and working with you to deliver what we promise.

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Marv Lasnick

Owner & CEO

My experience in information technology began with software development back when PCs weighed as much as a boat anchor and code was copied onto floppy disks. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in software and product development, operations management, establishing and implementing project and portfolio management best practices, and building and managing global IT teams.  Two decades in a large tech company and one in small to medium companies provided the opportunity to gain breadth and depth in many technologies and in leadership.

My motivation has always been rooted in helping others to succeed and I continue to choose involvement in organizations and activities that play to that strength, from coaching various youth sports teams to founding a K–12 classical charter school.

I'm excited to be leading such a talented and motivated team of engineers at Kapex Technology.

Andrew Tanaka

Lead Software Engineer & PM

I am a Software Engineer focusing on full-stack web/mobile application and custom solution software development. I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill culminating in a B.S. in Computer Science. My current personal development pursuits include application architecture and design, aided by my prior development experiences in human-interfacing research and data analytics.

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